World Radio Day

Today 13th February The Seventh World Radio Day around the theme of ” Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace.” is an observance day held annually, to celebrate radio as an electronic communication medium and it’s contribution to bring change in society. It’s role is very important to provide effective information to people.
Radio has it’s own history. It was intended by an Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi in 1894. Till the time Radio and it’s structures are changed technically. A great invention that could be listen from a place to many other places without any wire which was a revolution in medium of communication.
Generally we can hear the sound between 20Hz to 20Khz but via radio we hear radio waves out of this radius.
First radio of world is a subject to debate however first Asian Radio is ‘Radio Sagarmatha’ in Nepal. Nowadays the is shifted in internet and others latest technology like DAB and DAB+. Since January 2017 Norway has started Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) technology by closing all FM in the country.
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                                  – Shiva Raj Karki

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