Why you should avoid using 2000 rupees Indian currency !

Using large amount of Indian Currency has been under risk always. Do you remember 8th November, 2016. This is the date that, Modi Government has banned old 500 & 1000 rupee notes to abolish black money from India. that resulted huge crowed in every Bank in order to change notes. Soon (RBI) Reserve Bank of India and Government of India launched new notes of Rs 500 & 2000. Later 200, 100, 50 & 10 rupees notes took place. That was the past but there is huge shortage of Rs 2000 rupees notes in the market. Many people hadn't seen these notes for many days. After all what is the reason that 2000 rupees notes disappeared abruptly. You will be shocked by knowing the reason. Trusted sources has revealed in the response of a RTI, that RBI has stopped printing 2000 rupees notes in this financial year. According to specialist this is to reduce corruption, black money and duplicate notes (which is not easy to identify). There are some rumors coming over social media, that Indian Government is going ban these notes again. Which can't be denied that Government of India will ban this notes again, which can create massive trouble for us. Remember more than Twenty Million amount is still in Nepal. The Government of India has been denying to exchange that . After all we are Nepalese we have own currency, then why we can't stop using Indian currency directly, at least we can reduce using these currency. We are not compelled to use these notes by Indian government , we are stuck on these ourselves.

- Shiva Raj Karki

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