What is Global Warming and How can be controlled ?

Increasing temperature of Oceans; Glaciers, whole ecosystem and surface of earth continuously, is called Global Warming. Environmental temperature has increased globally in last few years. According to agencies concerned with ecology the temperature of earth has increased by 0.8°C in last century. Excessive temperature was recorded in the years 1983, 1987-1989 & 1991.

Reasons: There are lots of reasons behind the Global Warming but the main reason is Green House Gas which is produced by some of natural process and by human activities mainly. It is combination of Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Methane (CH4).
Carbon dioxide (CO2): It is a colorless and smelly gas, which is important for ecosystem but it is increasing rapidly because of population growth which is a red signal for future.
Methane (CH4): Methane too is a colorless and smelly gas as CO2 which can be found under the sea and earth. It was discovered in 1776 by Swiss Scientist Alessandro Volta and was named as Methane by German Chemist Wilhelm Van Hofmann in 1866. Methane is a flammable gas which can be used in Ovens; Water Heaters, LPG Cylinder and Automobiles. These Gases absorb heat from the Sun in huge amount that causes the heat on earth, in this way Global Warming increases.
Direct Effects: Direct effects of Global warming is that huge amount of ice starts melting which increase the water level in Oceans gradually that can swallow the small islands in near future and the climate change of the world is affecting ecosystem in long term.
Solutions: To prevent Global Warming first we must be aware of the cause and negative effects of it. To reduce the green house gas, we must stop using plastics and electronic devices that produces CO2. Forest and water resources should be preserved, excessive numbers of vehicles should be controlled and surrounding should be cleaned. Not only individually but these ideas should be implicated by the Government of all Countries globally.
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