Ten Threats to Global Health in 2019 World Health Organization

World Health Organization has recently released a list of 10 threats to global health in the year 2019. Which we are going to discuss here, so let’s start what they are:
1. Air Pollution,Climate Change : It is the one of the gravest risk with 9 out of 10 people are breathing polluted air across the world. Risk of premature death caused by this is 18% globally.
2.Non Communicable Diseases : Non communicable diseases includes Diabetes,Cancer,Heart disease etc. These diseases cause 41 millions death every year which is almost 70% of death worldwide.
3. Global Influenza Pandemic : It is an epidemic of influenza virus that spreads on worldwide that means it will affect a large portion of world’s population.
4. Fragile, Vulnerable settings: according to reports of WHO around 22% people don’t have access of even basic health care. People are suffering with crisis like Famine,Conflicts,War,Fear of displacement that Natural calamity.
5. Anti microbial Resistance: it happens when a patient doesn’t complete the dose of prescribed medicine.
6. Primary Healthcare: it is another threat, WHO has highlighted that many countries don’t  have adequate health care facilities and there is lack of proficient doctors.
7. Vaccine Hesitancy: There are many vaccine preventable diseases in the world but there is reluctance to vaccinate and this leads to reversing the progress made in the tackling the Vaccine preventable diseases.
8. Dengue: It is an Endemic to South Asian Countries like India, Nepal and Bangladesh. According to statics these countries have highest number of death with dengue. Around 40% population of the world is at the risk of dengue.
9. HIV: It has resulted to around a million deaths every year. One of the major threat regarding human health.
10. Ebola and Other Pathogens: People  from many countries are suffering from many kind of viruses like Zika, Nipah and Ebola but Ebola is more dangerous than these. Ebola is a virus that causes sever bleeding, organ failure or even it can lead to death.
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