Ten Best Cars In 2019

Hello everyone welcome to ShivaGyan here is the list of the Ten Best Cars of the year 2019. Like every year consumer reports have issued a list of the best cars based on the safety feature and and owner satisfaction. I have put in the list these best cars according to price high to low so lets go through the list.
1 Luxury SUV: BMW X5:-  Its difficult to make a SUV both luxury and comfortable and fun to drive but this BMW X5 redesigned for 2019 strikes the perfect balance. It has turbocharged six cylinder engine which is extremely powerful and responsive, helped by its quick-shifting eight speed automatic transmission delivers swift acceleration and fuel efficient. The i Drive infotainment system comes with high tech features like functioning by wave of hands. Overall this is the best SUV-Car with full of advanced features.
Price as tested : $ 68,730
2 Full Sized Truck: FORD F-150:- This is the all time king of pickup which comes with turbocharged five cylinder engines with ten speed automatic transmission. There are many equipment like WiFi, rear camera, brisk acceleration and easy to use infotainment system.
Price as tested: $ 52,535
3 Compact Luxury: Audi A4:- This Audi A4 is a sport sedan with thorough owner satisfaction. it features like the latest technology , precise handling and undeniable cachet. Optional virtual cockpit transform the instrument panel into high-tech display for phone task, trip information, audio details and navigate. It has slick-shifting automatic transmission.
Price as tested: $ 48,890
4 Mid sized SUV: Subaru Ascent:-  Luxury SUV with smooth power delivery and functional interior and turbocharged four cylinder engine which is energetic for usual traffic. It comes with all wheel drive. The infotainment system comes with large touchscreen and clear button for ease of access.Forester
it has finest cabin and handy kid friendly third row seat.
Price as tested: $ 43,867
5 Large Car: Toyota Avalon Hybrid:- This redesigned Avalon is smart and fuel efficient even it is large in size. It has many other features that shames it’s direct competitors.
Price as tested $ 38,643
6 Compact SUV: Subaru Forester:-  This compact SUV has roomy and functional interior. Generous room for passengers and cargo, forward collision warning, lane departure warning and lane keeping assist are the standard feature of this SUV.
Price as tested: $ 29,341
7  Mid sized Car: Toyota Camry  Hybrid:-  A hyper efficient car with 47 mpg overall. The infotainment system that compatible with Apple Car play and standard safety gears including pedestrian detection and lane departure warning.
Price as tested: $ 28,949
8 Hybrid/ Electric Car: Toyota Prius:- This all time best car comes with stunning look and a stellar track record for reliability and satisfaction of owner. New 2019 model is available with all wheel drive option and safety features like lane departure warning, forward collision warning lane keeping assist as standard equipment.
Price as tested: $ 27,323
9 Subcompact SUV: Hyundai Kona:- It has dazzling exterior and inviting interior.  It’s smart design creates a bit of versatility forward collision warning, lane keeping assist and auto emergency braking and infotainment compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play these all makes it high standard.
Price as tested: $ 25,025
10 Subcompact Car: Toyota Yaris:- It comes with automatic climate control and a quick shifting  six-speed automatic transmission. It is an energetic and safe car with a standard of city-speed A.E.B. system that can be help prevent collision or accident. The car sold by Toyota and built by Mazda is the best in quality.
Price as tested: $ 17,570
so this is the list and if you have anything to say feel free to express in comment
Thank you !!                                                                                             – Shiva Raj Karki

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