Superb Ways For Saving Money !!

Saving Money can be a difficult task initially but don’t worry I’ve created a list of too many ways for saving money. If you follow these tips, your life will not change completely but these can make quite a difference over time, if you’re able to implement some of them. And of course, not all of these will apply to everyone but just go through the list and find those which is suitable for you. So let’s go through the list…

  1. Start saving right now.
  2. Set saving goal.
  3. Get rid of debt.
  4. spend to save.
  5. Automate your savings.
  6. Clearly define your goal & work hard for that.
  7. Invest on asset.
  8. Sell your stuffs.
  9. Quit using credit cards.
  10. Don’t hesitate to negotiate.
  11. Use excess cash wisely.
  12. Find a bank that pays higher interest.
  13. Invest in mutual funds,Stocks & Bonds.
  14. Start saving for retirement.
  15. Stop collecting stuffs.
  16. Save on fuel and other daily expenses.
  17. Make a budget and track your spending.
  18. Learn some skills to earn much better.
  19. Search for alternative income sources.
  20. Make your own gifts instead of buying from store.
  21. Repair things instead of buying new.
  22. look for free version rather than paid.
  23. Eat healthy and do exercise regularly.
  24. Drink more water.
  25. Quite smoking & drinking.
  26. Turn of the lights when not in use.
  27. Buy quality appliance that will long last.
  28. Do a price comparison to find cheaper.
  29. make yourself if you can.
  30. Stop dinning out.
  31. find the best insurance.
  32. Avoid the mall.
  33. Think before buying do you really need it.
  34. Avoid show off.
  35. Look for a cheap place to live.
  36. Check out for free bucks.
  37. Use public transportation.
  38. Read more.
  39. Unsubscribe unused channel and magazines.
  40. Never give up.

 So this is the list of some easy but Superb Ways For Saving Money. If you think that I should describe all of them in detail, please let me know in comment section. If you found this article helpful, please do Like, and Share it with friends, so that they can be aware. Subscribe me if you want to get such types of knowledgeable ideas directly. You guys are amazing !

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5 Biggest Smartphone Companies in the World.

1. Samsung :-  South Korean company is the largest mobile company with 20.9% market share globally. The flagship model is S9/S9+.

2. Huawei :-  This Chinese smartphone maker company has splited Samsung and Apple and captured the second spot by surpassing tech giant Apple with 15.8% market share.

3. Apple :-  With 12.1% market share this tech giant tumbled down to the third position in the list. But it’s expected that the company might take control on market again.

4. Xiaomi :-  With 9.3% market share globally this Chinese smartphone maker company takes the fourth position.

5. Oppo :-  This another Chinese company has captured the fifth position with 5.1% market share globally. Oppo Find X is the flagship product of company.

World’s 10 most expensive phones !!

Adding jewels and precious metals to a phone price can go as skyrocket quickly. here is list of world’s most expensive  phones to expand your knowledge:

1.  Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond
Price: $ 48.5 Million USD
World most expensive phone is made of 24 carat gold with gigantic diamond on the back as well as a platinum coating for protection and awesome look.
2.  iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition:
Price: $ 8 Million USD
This was created by Stuart Hughes, comes with a solid rose gold body surrounding by a whopping 500 diamonds between the edges and 100 carats on the start button, 53 more diamonds decorating  the apple logo and 7.4 carat diamond rose in the centre of start button.
3.  iPhone 3GS Supreme Goldstriker Advanced:
Price: $ 3.14 Million USD
This comes with a rare 7.1 carat diamond. it was designed by elite british designer Stuart Hughes.
4.  iPhone 3G Kings Button:
Price: $2.5 Million USD
It was created by austrian designer  Peter Aloisson and comes with gold and white gold with 138 brilliant cut diamonds.
5.  Goldvish Le Million:
Price: $ 1.3 Million USD
A handmade phone by Goldvish with  VVS -1 graded 120 carat diamonds and 18 carat white gold. it got very expensive due to high quality materials.
6.  Diamond Crypto:
Price: $ 1.3 Million USD
It features  around 300 diamonds and was based on a terminal with Operatig System Window CE. It also was created by Peter Aloisson.
7.  Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot:
Price: $ 1 Million USD
This phone was designed by accessory designer Gresso. With 180 grams of gold and some black diamonds and has 200 years old most expensive African wooden back panel with Sapphire encrusted  keys on keypad.
8. Vertu Signature Cobra:
Price: $ 360k USD
This phone is designed by French Jeweler Boucheron Vertu, a reputed creator of luxurious phones. it is covered with gold and number of different gemstones and highlighted with   cobra (Vertu signatured superior cobra ) on the edge.
9. Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone:
Price: $ 300k USD
a set  covered in gold, gems & an expensive black diamond was created by famous artist Jaren Goh.
10.  iPhone Princess Plus:
Price: $ 176,400 USD
This iPhone too was designed by Austrian designer Peter Aloisson. it was made of gold and 17.75 carat 318 diamonds.