Most Influential Countries in the World

Hello everyone, welcome to ShivaGyan. I’m Shiva Raj Karki, Here’s the list of most influential countries in the world in 2019, by US News Report. This is the conclusion of survey in various countries and various informed elite based on various aspects like economic status; leader; connection to the rest of the world, influential politics, cultural influence, strong international allies and global perception. Let’s dive in the list.
#1 United States of America:- This north american nation is the world’s most dominant military and economic power. With total GDP $ 19.4 trillion and $ 59,792 GDP Per Capita, PPP. It’s population is 325.7 million. America has been a place of legendary people in its history. No doubt it’s cultural imprint spans the world as in music, television and movies.
#2 Russia:- The Eurasian nation Russia is 2nd most influential country and a largest country in the world with total area of 17,098,242 It shares borders with more than dozen countries, and shares sea borders with Japan & U.S. Russia has one of the world’s largest economies powered by it’s extensive natural resources, oil and natural gas, fishing agriculture, forestry and manufacturing as other economic driver. Russia one of the largest exporter of military weapon after the only U.S. It’s overall GDP is 1.4 trillion and GDP per Capita, PPP is $ 27,893.
#3 China:- China is the third Influential country in the world with total GDP $ 12.2 trillion and $ 16,696 GDP Per Capita, PPP. China is the one of the oldest civilization. Since 1949 China has been ruling by Communist Party. China has been one of the fastest-growing major economies. China’s economy is the  world second largest, trailing on the U.S. People Liberation Army(P.L.A.) is the biggest army in the world. China is in highlight because of  it’s moon project and largest sea bridge between China, Macau and Hongkong.
#4 United Kingdom:- With total GDP of $ 2.6 trillion, it is the 4th most Influential nation. It is highly developed nation with considerable international economic, scientific, cultural and political influence. It’s global influence has it’s root in the British Empire formed during the colonial era and peaked in the early 20th century.
#5 Germany:- Germany stands in fifth position in International Influential Ranking  with total GDP of $ 3.7 trillion and GDP Per Capita, PPP is $ 50,804. It’s the most populous country in the European Union and one of the largest economies in the world. It’s one of the leading exporter of telecommunication, automobile, healthcare and tourism contribute to large amount to the country’s economy. Industry and agriculture are other significant economy-sectors.
# 6 France:- One of the world’s oldest country. It’s influence extends through science, politics, economics and culture. World Bank classifies France as a wealthy, high-income nation. The french economy is one of the largest economy with mixture of private enterprise and government involvement, tourism industry, agriculture, energy and weapons. It’s total GDP is $ 2.6 trillion and GDP Per Capita, PPP is $ 44,081.
#7 Japan:- this world’s third largest economy is in 7th position in International Influence Ranking. It’s one of the most literate and technically advanced country in the world. Total GDP of nation is $ 4.9 trillion and GDP Per Capita, PPP is $ 42,942. Japan was one of the most powerful country in military. It had invaded several countries. The country is among the world’s largest producers of motor vehicle, electronics equipment, steel and service sector.
# 8 Israel:- Israel is the only Jews nation in the world. Though it is a small country, it has a strong economy and vital role in global affairs. Petroleum gas is one of the major income of country. The country’s total GDP is $350.9 Billion and and GDP Per Capita, PPP is $ 36,405. Israel has a technologically advanced market economy with cut diamond,  high-tech equipment and pharmaceuticals among it,s major exports.
# 9 Italy:- A popular destination for more than 40 million tourists yearly. Italy is the fourth largest economic power in the Euro zone. Machinery and transport equipment, chemicals, apparel and wine are main exports of country. Italy’s cultural influence has always been profound because of  art work  of Leonardo Da Vinci to the fashion houses of Milan.
# 10 Canada:- Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. Country’s total GDP is $ 1.7 trillion with $ 48,390 GDP Per Capita and PPP. Service sector is country’s biggest economic drivers and it exports energy, food and minerals and oil. Canada is the fifth largest oil producer in the world. It is the  high-tech industrial country and living standard of people  is very high.
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International Women’s Day

Today 8 March, 109th International Women’s Day. First of all I “Wish you a Very Happy International Women’s Day  to all women !”. The Day in 2019 is being celebrated under the the theme of  #Balance for Better / Think equal, Build smart innovate for Change. The Day has been celebrating since 1991. Not a single Government, NGO, Corporation, Women’s network is responsible for this day, it belongs to many Groups, organizations collectively everywhere to celebrate the social, economic,cultural and political achievements of women.
In the year 1908, 15000 women marched through the New York against the working condition of women they protested for the bread and peace. In 1909, The Socialist Party of U.S. declared National Women’s Day in honored of the protest of the women. In 1910 the meeting of socialist international in Copenhagen established a women’s Day International to support the movements. In the year 1911, first International Women’s Day marked in 19 March as a result of Copenhagen initiative, in some countries. During International Women’s Year in 1975, UN began to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March because of movements held on that day for years.
 Even the world is celebrating Women’s Day for a long period but gender equality is constrained in a slogan only. Not only underdeveloped countries, even the highly developed countries have been hiding many incidents and issues of harassment, inequality and women’s problems.
 Situation of women is worst in undeveloped countries and Muslim dominant regions because of many problems like: highly influenced thinking of extremist, religious concept (superstitions) and narrow mind attitude. Women are being maltreated, brutally bullied, beaten and raped by evil mind people daily.
 It’s my humble request to everyone, this is the era of 21st century, an age of  science and technology, so lets get rid of conservative thinking that women are matters only conducted by men and consumption for men. oh, hello ! they are not matters anymore, they are capable as equal as men are. There are many examples of incredible deeds of women. They are form of many different roles.
so let’s take a remembrance of their caring, love, affection and guidance as mother, sister and a wife, and lets take a resolution to respect them. No matter, either we are men or women, our role for equality is very important and equal.
Finally, I want to assure you that the author is always respectful toward women’s dignity and existence and will be forever. Happy Women’s Day once again to all Women in the world.
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World Wildlife Day

Today 3 March World Wildlife Day to raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants. Since 2014, proclaimed by United Nation General Assembly (UNGA), on 20 December 2013, at it’s 68th session. This day as the day of signature of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild Flora n Fauna (CITES).
Remember that this world ain’t for human only, entire living creatures have equal rights as the human  being have. As a social, intellectual and conscious creature it’s our responsibility to preserve and development of entire living creatures and plants.
obviously the forest is the shelter for wild animals but its being destructed by human to fulfill their unlimited wishes and needs, many innocents animals have become victim of the cruel and selfish human. People are killing many endangered creatures without any consideration of effect on Eco-system which is harmful for human itself in near future.
 This year World Wildlife Day is under the theme “Life below water:for people and planet.” There are  millions of identified species into the ocean. Marine wildlife has sustained human civilization and development for ages, getting food and nourishment, materials for construction and handicraft and enriched our lives spiritually and culturally in different ways.
As much as of the lives ocean is now affected by the threats of over exploitation of marine species as well as other threats like pollution, climate change. These threats have a bad effect on the lives those who depend on the marine ecosystem.
 Hence, it is the first World Wildlife Day to focus on life below water it’s great opportunity to raise awareness about the diversity and importance of marine life and species and negative impacts of human activities and how can be solved the problems so that it will continue to our future generation.
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Ten Best Cars In 2019

Hello everyone welcome to ShivaGyan here is the list of the Ten Best Cars of the year 2019. Like every year consumer reports have issued a list of the best cars based on the safety feature and and owner satisfaction. I have put in the list these best cars according to price high to low so lets go through the list.
1 Luxury SUV: BMW X5:-  Its difficult to make a SUV both luxury and comfortable and fun to drive but this BMW X5 redesigned for 2019 strikes the perfect balance. It has turbocharged six cylinder engine which is extremely powerful and responsive, helped by its quick-shifting eight speed automatic transmission delivers swift acceleration and fuel efficient. The i Drive infotainment system comes with high tech features like functioning by wave of hands. Overall this is the best SUV-Car with full of advanced features.
Price as tested : $ 68,730
2 Full Sized Truck: FORD F-150:- This is the all time king of pickup which comes with turbocharged five cylinder engines with ten speed automatic transmission. There are many equipment like WiFi, rear camera, brisk acceleration and easy to use infotainment system.
Price as tested: $ 52,535
3 Compact Luxury: Audi A4:- This Audi A4 is a sport sedan with thorough owner satisfaction. it features like the latest technology , precise handling and undeniable cachet. Optional virtual cockpit transform the instrument panel into high-tech display for phone task, trip information, audio details and navigate. It has slick-shifting automatic transmission.
Price as tested: $ 48,890
4 Mid sized SUV: Subaru Ascent:-  Luxury SUV with smooth power delivery and functional interior and turbocharged four cylinder engine which is energetic for usual traffic. It comes with all wheel drive. The infotainment system comes with large touchscreen and clear button for ease of access.Forester
it has finest cabin and handy kid friendly third row seat.
Price as tested: $ 43,867
5 Large Car: Toyota Avalon Hybrid:- This redesigned Avalon is smart and fuel efficient even it is large in size. It has many other features that shames it’s direct competitors.
Price as tested $ 38,643
6 Compact SUV: Subaru Forester:-  This compact SUV has roomy and functional interior. Generous room for passengers and cargo, forward collision warning, lane departure warning and lane keeping assist are the standard feature of this SUV.
Price as tested: $ 29,341
7  Mid sized Car: Toyota Camry  Hybrid:-  A hyper efficient car with 47 mpg overall. The infotainment system that compatible with Apple Car play and standard safety gears including pedestrian detection and lane departure warning.
Price as tested: $ 28,949
8 Hybrid/ Electric Car: Toyota Prius:- This all time best car comes with stunning look and a stellar track record for reliability and satisfaction of owner. New 2019 model is available with all wheel drive option and safety features like lane departure warning, forward collision warning lane keeping assist as standard equipment.
Price as tested: $ 27,323
9 Subcompact SUV: Hyundai Kona:- It has dazzling exterior and inviting interior.  It’s smart design creates a bit of versatility forward collision warning, lane keeping assist and auto emergency braking and infotainment compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play these all makes it high standard.
Price as tested: $ 25,025
10 Subcompact Car: Toyota Yaris:- It comes with automatic climate control and a quick shifting  six-speed automatic transmission. It is an energetic and safe car with a standard of city-speed A.E.B. system that can be help prevent collision or accident. The car sold by Toyota and built by Mazda is the best in quality.
Price as tested: $ 17,570
so this is the list and if you have anything to say feel free to express in comment
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World Radio Day

Today 13th February The Seventh World Radio Day around the theme of ” Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace.” is an observance day held annually, to celebrate radio as an electronic communication medium and it’s contribution to bring change in society. It’s role is very important to provide effective information to people.
Radio has it’s own history. It was intended by an Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi in 1894. Till the time Radio and it’s structures are changed technically. A great invention that could be listen from a place to many other places without any wire which was a revolution in medium of communication.
Generally we can hear the sound between 20Hz to 20Khz but via radio we hear radio waves out of this radius.
First radio of world is a subject to debate however first Asian Radio is ‘Radio Sagarmatha’ in Nepal. Nowadays the is shifted in internet and others latest technology like DAB and DAB+. Since January 2017 Norway has started Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) technology by closing all FM in the country.
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Ten Threats to Global Health in 2019 World Health Organization

World Health Organization has recently released a list of 10 threats to global health in the year 2019. Which we are going to discuss here, so let’s start what they are:
1. Air Pollution,Climate Change : It is the one of the gravest risk with 9 out of 10 people are breathing polluted air across the world. Risk of premature death caused by this is 18% globally.
2.Non Communicable Diseases : Non communicable diseases includes Diabetes,Cancer,Heart disease etc. These diseases cause 41 millions death every year which is almost 70% of death worldwide.
3. Global Influenza Pandemic : It is an epidemic of influenza virus that spreads on worldwide that means it will affect a large portion of world’s population.
4. Fragile, Vulnerable settings: according to reports of WHO around 22% people don’t have access of even basic health care. People are suffering with crisis like Famine,Conflicts,War,Fear of displacement that Natural calamity.
5. Anti microbial Resistance: it happens when a patient doesn’t complete the dose of prescribed medicine.
6. Primary Healthcare: it is another threat, WHO has highlighted that many countries don’t  have adequate health care facilities and there is lack of proficient doctors.
7. Vaccine Hesitancy: There are many vaccine preventable diseases in the world but there is reluctance to vaccinate and this leads to reversing the progress made in the tackling the Vaccine preventable diseases.
8. Dengue: It is an Endemic to South Asian Countries like India, Nepal and Bangladesh. According to statics these countries have highest number of death with dengue. Around 40% population of the world is at the risk of dengue.
9. HIV: It has resulted to around a million deaths every year. One of the major threat regarding human health.
10. Ebola and Other Pathogens: People  from many countries are suffering from many kind of viruses like Zika, Nipah and Ebola but Ebola is more dangerous than these. Ebola is a virus that causes sever bleeding, organ failure or even it can lead to death.
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Awareness about Cancer on World Cancer Day.

Today 4th February World Cancer Day. Founded by Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage it’s prevention, detection and treatment. Cancer is a giant disease related to human health. According to reports 9 millions people are dying and more than 10 millions are suffering yearly from Cancer. Important fact about cancer is that we all born with possibility of cancer.
What is Cancer : Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cells growth. Cell is a smallest unit of our body. Human body is constructed by trillions of cells. Every cell has independent life, where there is life there is death too. I mean cells have limited life except some Neurons. Cells never rest they always produce more cells like them before death. That is the inbuilt auto replication system of all live creatures. Cells continuously multiply them. Old cells die and New cells take their place. Main root of cancer is there. Every time when cells produce other cells they transfer enzymes that responsible for synthesising DNA. There is an amazing auto-correct system in our body. The cells have to end up their life before making any harm, caused by fault in DNA structure or Neucleotides sequence that accepted by new cells. If the cells don’t die they get increased numerously and create separate groups and they don’t follow any direction given by auto-correct system but get increased continuously that is called cancer generally.
Cause of Cancer : In fact possibility of cancer is inbuilt in our body but we invite cancer early as form of :
» Tobacco.
» Drugs.
» Alcohol.
» Smoking.
» Unbalanced diet.
» Inherent.
» Radiation.
» Polluted environment.
» Laziness.
» Chemicals and cosmetics.
» No exercise.
» No breast feeding.
» Fatty meat.
» Junk food.
» More use of salt and pickles.
» Late child.
Types of Cancer : It is not possible to state the exact types of cancer but some of them are :
1 Blood Cancer.
2 Lungs cancer.
3 Mouth cancer.
4 Uterus cancer.
5 Breasts cancer.
6 Vaginal cancer.
7 Bone marrow cancer.
8 Liver cancer.
9 Throat Cancer.
Symptoms of Cancer : Symptoms of Cancer are depend on the types of cancer but generally symptoms can be seen as:
— Bleeding from any part of the body.
— Coughing too much.
— Less appetite.
— Extraordinary change in skin.
— To appear pimple and bubbles in any part of body.
Prevention : There is a saying “Prevention is better than cure.” It’s not possible to live without cancer by prevention only but it can be reduced the risk of cancer. Some prevention:
⊙ Avoid tobaccos
⊙ Do regular exercise.
⊙ Don’t eat fatty meat.
⊙ Change the lifestyle.
⊙ Less use of salt and pickles.
⊙ Do regular health checkups.
⊙ Avoid junk food.
⊙ Focus on cleanliness.
⊙ Get child on time.
⊙ Do sufficient breastfeeding.
Treatment : The person who treats the cancer is called Anchologist. Ancologist are classified in three categories.
1 Surgical anchology: Treatment of cancer by surgery.
2 Medical anchology: Treatment by medicine like kemeotherapy.
3 Radio anthology: Treatment by destroying the active cells of cancer.
Medical science is reducing the number of death from cancer, 40 years ago 4 people out of 5 used to die. Now it is 2 and will be 1 in near future. I hope medical science will get complete victory on cancer soon.
Because of deep faith on science, I can say confidently that the future generation will celebrate 4th February as a ‘World Cancer free Day’ instead of ‘World Cancer Day.’ Thank you !!
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What is Global Warming and How can be controlled ?

Increasing temperature of Oceans; Glaciers, whole ecosystem and surface of earth continuously, is called Global Warming. Environmental temperature has increased globally in last few years. According to agencies concerned with ecology the temperature of earth has increased by 0.8°C in last century. Excessive temperature was recorded in the years 1983, 1987-1989 & 1991.

Reasons: There are lots of reasons behind the Global Warming but the main reason is Green House Gas which is produced by some of natural process and by human activities mainly. It is combination of Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Methane (CH4).
Carbon dioxide (CO2): It is a colorless and smelly gas, which is important for ecosystem but it is increasing rapidly because of population growth which is a red signal for future.
Methane (CH4): Methane too is a colorless and smelly gas as CO2 which can be found under the sea and earth. It was discovered in 1776 by Swiss Scientist Alessandro Volta and was named as Methane by German Chemist Wilhelm Van Hofmann in 1866. Methane is a flammable gas which can be used in Ovens; Water Heaters, LPG Cylinder and Automobiles. These Gases absorb heat from the Sun in huge amount that causes the heat on earth, in this way Global Warming increases.
Direct Effects: Direct effects of Global warming is that huge amount of ice starts melting which increase the water level in Oceans gradually that can swallow the small islands in near future and the climate change of the world is affecting ecosystem in long term.
Solutions: To prevent Global Warming first we must be aware of the cause and negative effects of it. To reduce the green house gas, we must stop using plastics and electronic devices that produces CO2. Forest and water resources should be preserved, excessive numbers of vehicles should be controlled and surrounding should be cleaned. Not only individually but these ideas should be implicated by the Government of all Countries globally.
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What happened to the Pluto, Why it is not a Planet ?

We all know that there are eight Planets (four of them are gas giants and four of them are rocky planets) in the Universe. But before 2006 nine planets were there including Pluto, but in the year 2006 it was relegated to a ‘Dwarf Planet’ by International Astronomical Union (IAU) The Pluto was discovered in 1930 by US Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh. And named after the Roman God of the Under World. After that it was declared as a planet at that time Astronomers supposed that Pluto might be larger than mercury. But there was controversy, few astronomers had different views. Pluto was totally different than other planets of the Universe. It was very tiny in size and too chilled. It was an icy body having temperature of -225℃. It’s orbit is far different than other planets; it has extremely elliptical orbit, where as all other planets have circular orbit. It orbits around the sun in 17° angle and completes an orbit in 248 years of Earth.
In the year 2005 astronomers discovered a planet, Eris outside the orbit of Pluto which was 27% massive than Pluto. This compelled to IAU to redefine the definition of planets. In 2006 the IAU announced a new resolution 5A that States – A Planet is a celestial body that:
i)  is in orbit around the Sun.
ii) that has sufficient mass for its self gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a hydrostatic equilibrium,(nearly round) shape, and
iii) has cleared the neighborhood around it’s orbit.
While Pluto follows the first two conditions of the resolution 5A of the International Astronomical Union (IAU), it is the third condition where Pluto fails to conciliate.
    As planets have formed over millions of years, their mass and size have made them the dominant gravitational forces in their orbits. Their gravitational force either helps planets consume smaller or equally large bodies around them or push them away with their gravity. Pluto is only 0.07 in mass as compared to most objects around in it’s orbit. So, it has left alone a lot of objects in it’s orbit which may be larger than itself. That’s why Pluto is not a planet anymore.
    To qualify as a planet, Pluto will have to create a gravitational force huge enough to take in or push away other objects in it’s orbit in order to do so, Pluto will have to crash in to one of these objects to gain mass. Until that happens or another objects that satisfies all the conditions mentioned in IAU’s resolution 5A is discovered the Solar system’s planetary count will stay at eight. So friends if you found this article helpful, please do Like and Share. Express your feelings in comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to get such amazing article in your email directly. Finally, You guys are amazing…. !
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19 New Year Resolutions for 2019

So, New Year is already started !!! I hope you have made your resolutions and you are following them. If not don’t worry because it’s not too late. I’ve made some New Year Resolutions for you, just go through these and start following right now.
Here is the list of  ’19 New Year Resolutions for 2019′ :-
1) Quit Smoking.
2) Learn a new skill.
3) Avoid procrastinating.
4) Make new friends.
5) Reconnect with your old friends.
6) Start saving.
7) Start a business.
8) Make a budget.
9) Read more.
10) Get a mentor.
11) Get a health check up.
12) Join a Gym.
13) Go for daily walking.
14) Get insurance.
15) Find enlightenment.
16) Stay motivated.
17) Start Dreaming BIGGER.
18) Quit Drinking.
19) Worry Less & Stay Positive.
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