My Role to the Society as a Student

I’m a student, studying in a university. My first priority will be study hardly and smartly because education is the best tool, best medium so that I can identify and understand my strength and responsibilities.
In other hand being a social creature, I live in the society. Whether my home, my job and even my college, everything is in the society. Whatever I do that can’t be done beyond the society. Therefore, as a student my role to the society is vital.
As a good student I must have leadership quality to raise awareness about the health, prosperity, lifestyle,nutrition, education, political ideology, technology and sociocultural concept of the people in the society. I must make them understand that, how education is important for the people, how nutrition is necessity of our health, there is a saying ” health is wealth” no other things can be imagine without sound health and how using technology can be useful in our daily life and how it will improve (will help to improve) our lifestyle.
It’s my duty to maintain peace, unity, harmony and tolerance in the society and I must stand against the negative aspects like: corruption, violence, terrorism, political fragmentation and other antisocial activities. I must help to the poor, orphans and physically and mentally disabled people.
Apart from these when there is natural calamity in anywhere, I must do my cent per cent contribution.
In this way being a part of society, a good and smart student, a responsible, intelligent and capable person my role to the society is very important. Thank You !
              – Shiva Raj Karki

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