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Hello everyone welcome to ShivaGyan.TikTok is in every news these days so do you want to know about the TikTok? let’s discuss about the journey of TikTok.TikTok is a most creative media app for creating and sharing short videos. The is a failed company that is now worth of $75 Billion. But TilkTok has not became TikTok in a single day. It has faced many ups & downs and failure on its journey.
In the year 2014 two close friends ALEX ZHU & LUYO YANG planned to make an educational app and they launched this app in $ 2.5 lacs within six months. but product couldn’t succeeded in the market. after being failed they analyzed about the mistakes and lacking. Finally they found that educational content they provide in 3-5 minutes is not sufficient. People want to consume more content which can’t be provided in short format. Watching video content is easy but takes too much time and effort to produce it but every creator can’t have this, that’s why content never became engaging because they couldn’t do that much investment. Alex had to learn from the mistakes and improve further. He started thinking what can be done. once he noticed in train that youngsters are listening music and clicking selfies with various stickers and sharing with friends. After observing this he got an idea to create a social platform in video format by combining music, videos and photos. He wanted to make content easy and short so he limited the duration in 15-60 seconds and to reduce cost of R&D. He put everything on creators by providing tools, filters, animations, editing options to make content entertaining by using itself and focused on mutual relation between content consumer and creators. Everything got ready and Alex launched it within 30 days by naming it, became well accepted in market but he was thinking how to take this in next level. He got and idea while watching a TV show LIPSYNC BATTLE. Alex applied this feature in, in this feature user can perform acting on background music. After some regular updates and improvements became popular. It was on top position  in iTunes in last year. combined features from it’s competitors like Dubmash, Snapchat, and facebook and gave power to creators which made very popular. Due to its popularity Chinese tech company ByteDance bought in one billion dollor in November 2017. ByteDance had already owned DOUYIN since 2016 which was similar to they merged and DOUYIN and launched a new product and named it TikTok in international market. Since last few months TikTok is facing many challenge some countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan had already banned TikTok and  America had fined it heavily. Now TikTok is facing challenge in India also, Madras high court in TamilNadu state has ordered to abolish it and Union Ministry of  Electronics and Information Technology Government of India has written to Google and Apple to remove the app from their respective app-stores and Google has removed TikTok from it’s Play store but Apple has not respond yet. The main reason to ban TikTok is that this is not suitable for children and content is sexually abusive, availability of pornographic content,exposure of children to sexual predators and violation of privacy and it’s addictive tendency among youngsters.

           – Shiva Raj Karki

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