International Worker’s Day 2019

Hello everyone welcome to ShivaGyan, today 1st of May is ‘International Worker’s Day.’ First of all I must salute to all the people working in their respective areas like Agro, factories, construction and many other sectors around the world.
   19th century is known as the century of industrialization because of development and expansion of lots of industries that create opportunities for many workers.
The Day in 2019 is being celebrated under the theme of ‘Sustainable pension for all: The Role of Social Partners’ this day is celebrated as the day for issues of the work and workers globally in the memory of the Hey market  incident which occurred in Chicago on 4 May 1886. In which many workers were shot dead and many injured by the Police. Movement was for the establishment of eight-hours work a day and paid leaves before this movement workers generally had to work for 16 hours a day, condition of workers was worst. People died burying under heaps of debris and sudden death in factories due to highly risky work with out any safety precautions and not any Official used to care.
After the three years of Hey Market massacre, in 1889 an International Conference held in Paris passed a resolution to celebrate 1st May as the International worker’s Day since 1891.
There is debate about who started the labor day holiday. Some people assume that Matthew Maguire, secretary of Central Labor Union of N.Y. proposed 1st Monday of September in 1882, others argue that Peter J. McGuire member of American Federation of Labor proposed first in May 1882. However Oregon was the first State of the U.S. to make it an official public holiday.
By this time many countries around the world are celebrating this day on 1st of May in their own way. The Day is one of the most important holiday in communist countries like: Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba and other communist countries.
             – Shiva Raj Karki

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