International Women’s Day

Today 8 March, 109th International Women’s Day. First of all I “Wish you a Very Happy International Women’s Day  to all women !”. The Day in 2019 is being celebrated under the the theme of  #Balance for Better / Think equal, Build smart innovate for Change. The Day has been celebrating since 1991. Not a single Government, NGO, Corporation, Women’s network is responsible for this day, it belongs to many Groups, organizations collectively everywhere to celebrate the social, economic,cultural and political achievements of women.
In the year 1908, 15000 women marched through the New York against the working condition of women they protested for the bread and peace. In 1909, The Socialist Party of U.S. declared National Women’s Day in honored of the protest of the women. In 1910 the meeting of socialist international in Copenhagen established a women’s Day International to support the movements. In the year 1911, first International Women’s Day marked in 19 March as a result of Copenhagen initiative, in some countries. During International Women’s Year in 1975, UN began to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March because of movements held on that day for years.
 Even the world is celebrating Women’s Day for a long period but gender equality is constrained in a slogan only. Not only underdeveloped countries, even the highly developed countries have been hiding many incidents and issues of harassment, inequality and women’s problems.
 Situation of women is worst in undeveloped countries and Muslim dominant regions because of many problems like: highly influenced thinking of extremist, religious concept (superstitions) and narrow mind attitude. Women are being maltreated, brutally bullied, beaten and raped by evil mind people daily.
 It’s my humble request to everyone, this is the era of 21st century, an age of  science and technology, so lets get rid of conservative thinking that women are matters only conducted by men and consumption for men. oh, hello ! they are not matters anymore, they are capable as equal as men are. There are many examples of incredible deeds of women. They are form of many different roles.
so let’s take a remembrance of their caring, love, affection and guidance as mother, sister and a wife, and lets take a resolution to respect them. No matter, either we are men or women, our role for equality is very important and equal.
Finally, I want to assure you that the author is always respectful toward women’s dignity and existence and will be forever. Happy Women’s Day once again to all Women in the world.
Thank You !                                                                                           – Shiva Raj Karki

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