I am the Villager

Hello everyone, Good Morning ! Good Afternoon ! Good Evening ! any time of the day you visit you most welcome to ShivaGyan I’ve tried a poem please give me you feedback.

     I am the Villager ‘

Yes, I am the Villager !

But, the time, when your city is burning in extreme hot of summer,

I am sleeping inside the quilt, with comforts in my village !

And, the time Fog makes day, as dark as the night.

And people start dying, due to extreme cold of the Winter,

I am enjoying warm and sunny day in my Village !

……..Still you say me villager,

I don’t mind because being villager, I am the inhabitant of that Heaven, where you desperately want to step up,

And pay a lot for the momentum !                         – Shiva Raj Karki

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