Awareness about Cancer on World Cancer Day.

Today 4th February World Cancer Day. Founded by Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage it’s prevention, detection and treatment. Cancer is a giant disease related to human health. According to reports 9 millions people are dying and more than 10 millions are suffering yearly from Cancer. Important fact about cancer is that we all born with possibility of cancer.
What is Cancer : Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cells growth. Cell is a smallest unit of our body. Human body is constructed by trillions of cells. Every cell has independent life, where there is life there is death too. I mean cells have limited life except some Neurons. Cells never rest they always produce more cells like them before death. That is the inbuilt auto replication system of all live creatures. Cells continuously multiply them. Old cells die and New cells take their place. Main root of cancer is there. Every time when cells produce other cells they transfer enzymes that responsible for synthesising DNA. There is an amazing auto-correct system in our body. The cells have to end up their life before making any harm, caused by fault in DNA structure or Neucleotides sequence that accepted by new cells. If the cells don’t die they get increased numerously and create separate groups and they don’t follow any direction given by auto-correct system but get increased continuously that is called cancer generally.
Cause of Cancer : In fact possibility of cancer is inbuilt in our body but we invite cancer early as form of :
» Tobacco.
» Drugs.
» Alcohol.
» Smoking.
» Unbalanced diet.
» Inherent.
» Radiation.
» Polluted environment.
» Laziness.
» Chemicals and cosmetics.
» No exercise.
» No breast feeding.
» Fatty meat.
» Junk food.
» More use of salt and pickles.
» Late child.
Types of Cancer : It is not possible to state the exact types of cancer but some of them are :
1 Blood Cancer.
2 Lungs cancer.
3 Mouth cancer.
4 Uterus cancer.
5 Breasts cancer.
6 Vaginal cancer.
7 Bone marrow cancer.
8 Liver cancer.
9 Throat Cancer.
Symptoms of Cancer : Symptoms of Cancer are depend on the types of cancer but generally symptoms can be seen as:
— Bleeding from any part of the body.
— Coughing too much.
— Less appetite.
— Extraordinary change in skin.
— To appear pimple and bubbles in any part of body.
Prevention : There is a saying “Prevention is better than cure.” It’s not possible to live without cancer by prevention only but it can be reduced the risk of cancer. Some prevention:
⊙ Avoid tobaccos
⊙ Do regular exercise.
⊙ Don’t eat fatty meat.
⊙ Change the lifestyle.
⊙ Less use of salt and pickles.
⊙ Do regular health checkups.
⊙ Avoid junk food.
⊙ Focus on cleanliness.
⊙ Get child on time.
⊙ Do sufficient breastfeeding.
Treatment : The person who treats the cancer is called Anchologist. Ancologist are classified in three categories.
1 Surgical anchology: Treatment of cancer by surgery.
2 Medical anchology: Treatment by medicine like kemeotherapy.
3 Radio anthology: Treatment by destroying the active cells of cancer.
Medical science is reducing the number of death from cancer, 40 years ago 4 people out of 5 used to die. Now it is 2 and will be 1 in near future. I hope medical science will get complete victory on cancer soon.
Because of deep faith on science, I can say confidently that the future generation will celebrate 4th February as a ‘World Cancer free Day’ instead of ‘World Cancer Day.’ Thank you !!
Stay Healthy !!!!
Make others Healthy !!!!
Share with your reach to raise awareness about cancer.
                                       – Shiva Raj Karki

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