Why you should avoid using 2000 rupees Indian currency !

Using large amount of Indian Currency has been under risk always. Do you remember 8th November, 2016. This is the date that, Modi Government has banned old 500 & 1000 rupee notes to abolish black money from India. that resulted huge crowed in every Bank in order to change notes. Soon (RBI) Reserve Bank of India and Government of India launched new notes of Rs 500 & 2000. Later 200, 100, 50 & 10 rupees notes took place. That was the past but there is huge shortage of Rs 2000 rupees notes in the market. Many people hadn't seen these notes for many days. After all what is the reason that 2000 rupees notes disappeared abruptly. You will be shocked by knowing the reason. Trusted sources has revealed in the response of a RTI, that RBI has stopped printing 2000 rupees notes in this financial year. According to specialist this is to reduce corruption, black money and duplicate notes (which is not easy to identify). There are some rumors coming over social media, that Indian Government is going ban these notes again. Which can't be denied that Government of India will ban this notes again, which can create massive trouble for us. Remember more than Twenty Million amount is still in Nepal. The Government of India has been denying to exchange that . After all we are Nepalese we have own currency, then why we can't stop using Indian currency directly, at least we can reduce using these currency. We are not compelled to use these notes by Indian government , we are stuck on these ourselves.

- Shiva Raj Karki

I am the Villager

Hello everyone, Good Morning ! Good Afternoon ! Good Evening ! any time of the day you visit you most welcome to ShivaGyan I've tried a poem please give me you feedback.

    ' I am the Villager '

Yes, I am the Villager !

But, the time, when your city is burning in extreme hot of summer,

I am sleeping inside the quilt, with comforts in my village !

And, the time Fog makes day, as dark as the night.

And people start dying, due to extreme cold of the Winter,

I am enjoying warm and sunny day in my Village !

........Still you say me villager,

I don't mind because being villager, I am the inhabitant of that Heaven, where you desperately want to step up,

And pay a lot for the momentum !                         - Shiva Raj Karki

I am flying

Don't stop me I am flying,
I'm the person who is growing.
       You got that this is my hope,
       Life is a journey on way of the rope.
When I ask you what I want,
Don't treat me that I'm a saint.
      This is the only life make it Grand,
      Make yourself as a faithful Brand.
                        - Shiva Raj Karki

International Worker’s Day 2019

Hello everyone welcome to ShivaGyan, today 1st of May is 'International Worker's Day.' First of all I must salute to all the people working in their respective areas like Agro, factories, construction and many other sectors around the world.
   19th century is known as the century of industrialization because of development and expansion of lots of industries that create opportunities for many workers.
The Day in 2019 is being celebrated under the theme of 'Sustainable pension for all: The Role of Social Partners' this day is celebrated as the day for issues of the work and workers globally in the memory of the Hey market  incident which occurred in Chicago on 4 May 1886. In which many workers were shot dead and many injured by the Police. Movement was for the establishment of eight-hours work a day and paid leaves before this movement workers generally had to work for 16 hours a day, condition of workers was worst. People died burying under heaps of debris and sudden death in factories due to highly risky work with out any safety precautions and not any Official used to care.
After the three years of Hey Market massacre, in 1889 an International Conference held in Paris passed a resolution to celebrate 1st May as the International worker's Day since 1891.
There is debate about who started the labor day holiday. Some people assume that Matthew Maguire, secretary of Central Labor Union of N.Y. proposed 1st Monday of September in 1882, others argue that Peter J. McGuire member of American Federation of Labor proposed first in May 1882. However Oregon was the first State of the U.S. to make it an official public holiday.
By this time many countries around the world are celebrating this day on 1st of May in their own way. The Day is one of the most important holiday in communist countries like: Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba and other communist countries.
             - Shiva Raj Karki

Know about the TikTok

Hello everyone welcome to ShivaGyan.TikTok is in every news these days so do you want to know about the TikTok? let's discuss about the journey of TikTok.TikTok is a most creative media app for creating and sharing short videos. The is a failed company that is now worth of $75 Billion. But TilkTok has not became TikTok in a single day. It has faced many ups & downs and failure on its journey.
In the year 2014 two close friends ALEX ZHU & LUYO YANG planned to make an educational app and they launched this app in $ 2.5 lacs within six months. but product couldn't succeeded in the market. after being failed they analyzed about the mistakes and lacking. Finally they found that educational content they provide in 3-5 minutes is not sufficient. People want to consume more content which can't be provided in short format. Watching video content is easy but takes too much time and effort to produce it but every creator can't have this, that's why content never became engaging because they couldn't do that much investment. Alex had to learn from the mistakes and improve further. He started thinking what can be done. once he noticed in train that youngsters are listening music and clicking selfies with various stickers and sharing with friends. After observing this he got an idea to create a social platform in video format by combining music, videos and photos. He wanted to make content easy and short so he limited the duration in 15-60 seconds and to reduce cost of R&D. He put everything on creators by providing tools, filters, animations, editing options to make content entertaining by using itself and focused on mutual relation between content consumer and creators. Everything got ready and Alex launched it within 30 days by naming it musical.ly, musical.ly became well accepted in market but he was thinking how to take this in next level. He got and idea while watching a TV show LIPSYNC BATTLE. Alex applied this feature in musical.ly, in this feature user can perform acting on background music. After some regular updates and improvements musical.ly became popular. It was on top position  in iTunes in last year. Musical.ly combined features from it's competitors like Dubmash, Snapchat, and facebook and gave power to creators which made musical.ly very popular. Due to its popularity Chinese tech company ByteDance bought in one billion dollor in November 2017. ByteDance had already owned DOUYIN since 2016 which was similar to musical.ly. they merged musical.ly and DOUYIN and launched a new product and named it TikTok in international market. Since last few months TikTok is facing many challenge some countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan had already banned TikTok and  America had fined it heavily. Now TikTok is facing challenge in India also, Madras high court in TamilNadu state has ordered to abolish it and Union Ministry of  Electronics and Information Technology Government of India has written to Google and Apple to remove the app from their respective app-stores and Google has removed TikTok from it's Play store but Apple has not respond yet. The main reason to ban TikTok is that this is not suitable for children and content is sexually abusive, availability of pornographic content,exposure of children to sexual predators and violation of privacy and it's addictive tendency among youngsters.
           - Shiva Raj Karki

Ten Happiest Countries in the World in 2019

Hello everyone welcome to ShivaGyan. The World happiest report 2019 has released. The report was produced by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solution Network & Ernesto Illy Foundation.
Report ranks countries based on how the citizen's experience, their life satisfaction, well being, freedom income,healthy life, trust, life expectancy and social support, generosity. Residents rate how satisfied they are with their lives on a scale of 0-10 from the worst possible life to best possible life. Everyone in the world want to be happy, gradually countries around the world are looking at happiness as an indicator of national well being. It is regarded that happiness as a measurement, but what makes people happy and which country have the highest level of happiness.
Here is the list of ten happiest countries in the world:
2 Denmark
3 Norway
4 Iceland
5 Netherlands
6 Switzerland
7 Sweden
8 New Zealand
9 Canada
10 Austria

My Role to the Society as a Student

I'm a student, studying in a university. My first priority will be study hardly and smartly because education is the best tool, best medium so that I can identify and understand my strength and responsibilities.
In other hand being a social creature, I live in the society. Whether my home, my job and even my college, everything is in the society. Whatever I do that can't be done beyond the society. Therefore, as a student my role to the society is vital.
As a good student I must have leadership quality to raise awareness about the health, prosperity, lifestyle,nutrition, education, political ideology, technology and sociocultural concept of the people in the society. I must make them understand that, how education is important for the people, how nutrition is necessity of our health, there is a saying " health is wealth" no other things can be imagine without sound health and how using technology can be useful in our daily life and how it will improve (will help to improve) our lifestyle.
It's my duty to maintain peace, unity, harmony and tolerance in the society and I must stand against the negative aspects like: corruption, violence, terrorism, political fragmentation and other antisocial activities. I must help to the poor, orphans and physically and mentally disabled people.
Apart from these when there is natural calamity in anywhere, I must do my cent per cent contribution.
In this way being a part of society, a good and smart student, a responsible, intelligent and capable person my role to the society is very important. Thank You !
              - Shiva Raj Karki

Two Birds

Today 21st of March, today is World Poetry Day. So I've tried a poem.
Here's is the nest, where there're two birds.
I daily listen that music, of the chirp.
They sing for me early in the morning.
As I open my shop, in the morning.
They seem friendly, than the human are.
They feel safe there, as I'm taking care.
              - Shiva Raj Karki

World Consumer Rights Day

Today 15th March 'World Consumer Day' to raise awareness about consumer rights and needs, under the theme "Trusted Smart Products". The day was inspired by US President John F Kennedy, who was the first leader to address the issue of consumer rights in a special message sent to US congress on 15th March 1962.
Everyone in the world is a consumer. buying and selling is the part of human civilization, this is happening since our ancestors. Previously people used to exchange goods with goods and service, slowly this system turned into currency system. But everyone knows the situation of the market these days, we can buy the products from home without going out.We can do it in the internet.
But in other hand there are much possibilities that consumer to be cheated in the global market like: mixing edible food with non edible things, online fraud, sky rocketing price for low quality goods and service. Today is the Day for discussing about these issue and lobby for fair trade and transparent market.
consumer rights mean that each consumer has the right to have information about the quality, quantity, purity, price and standard of goods and services.
Hence it becomes essential that the people are aware of their rights. so what are the rights of consumer.
The right to free choice of goods & service
The right to be fully informed about the performance and quality of all goods and service.
The right to be heard in all decision making processes related to consumer interest.
The right to be protected from all kinds of hazardous goods and service.
The rights to complete consumer education.
there is saying consumer is king in market he is regarded as the God, but the still consumer has been infringed in market, the consumer is being cheated because of lack of awareness. the Day is for awareness and preservation of consumer rights. At the end, Best wishes to all consumers and a Warning to service providers.
Thanking You !!
                                                                       - Shiva Raj Karki

Ten Richest Men in the World in 2019

Hello everyone, welcome to ShivaGyan. Here is the list of top ten richest persons in the world in 2019. According to Forbes.
#1 Jeff Bezos:- The founder of giant eCommerce; Amazon, Jeff Bezos is the World's most richest person with an estimated worth of $131 Billion. This is the second time he has topped this list.
# 2 Bill Gates:- Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft and chairman of world's largest private charitable foundation Bill and Melinda foundation. He had been acquiring number one position for many years but since 2018 he is in 2nd position in the top billionaires list with net worth of $ 96.5 Billion. 
# 3 Warren Buffett:-  One of the most successful investor of all time, Owner of  Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett remains the world's third richest person again with worth of $82.5 Billion. He is known as Oracle of Omaha. Warren Buffett donates over 99% of his fortune.
# 4 Bernard Arnault & Family:- Bernard Arnault, is one of the world's ultimate taste makers and owner of famous brands like Louise Vuitton, Sophera & LVHM. He is the world's fourth richest man with $76 Billion. He is from France.
# 5 Carlos slim Helu & Family:-  He is the owner of  Latin America's biggest mobile telecommunication company America Movil. He is richest man of Mexico and 5th richest man in the world with estimated worth of $ 64 Billion.
# 6 Amancio Ortega:- He is one of the richest man in the Europe and stands in sixth position in the list of world's richest persons. He is a co-founder of Inditex, a leading fashion chain. He is regarded as a pioneer of fast fashion. His estimated worth is $62.7 Billion.
# 7 Larry Ellison:- Larry Ellison is the co-founder of software firm Oracle. He has joined Tesla and Sensei in 2018. He is the world's seventh richest person with estimated worth of $ 62.5 Billion.
# 8 Mark Zuckerberg:- Most of you have heard this name because all of us use the Facebook, co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 at Harvard University at age of 19. He is facing many criticisms for misusing the data of facebook. With estimated worth of $62.3 Billion, he is in the 8th position in the list of world's richest people.
# 9 Michael Bloomberg:- One of the active Philanthropist, Bloomberg is the co-founder of  financial information and media company Bloomberg LP. May be you are watching this channel in TV or internet ! anyway, Michael Bloomberg hits the 9th position in the list of Billionaires of the world in 2019 with an estimated worth of $55.5 Billion.
# 10 Larry Page:- Every people in the world use google for search anything. We can search everything in google. Every minute millions of article upload in google. I'm also writing this article in google and even you too, are reading this article in google. Google is leading subsidiary of Alphabet. Larry Page co- founded google in 1998. with his fellow Stanford Ph.D. student Sergey Brin (Sergey is 14th richest person in the world). Larry is the world's 10th richest man with estimated worth of $50.8 Billion.
                                                   - Shiva Raj Karki